Downstream Services installs advanced trenchless solutions for the rehabilitation of industrial, stormwater and wastewater systems. Technologies like UV-cured fiberglass pipe lining and composite spray lining improve functionality and extend the useful service life of underground infrastructure without having to dig-and-replace.

We offer a variety of high-quality and long-lasting rehabilitation options that protect the environment and the utility:

  • Carbon Fiber Structural Repairs
  • Annular Space Injection Grouting
  • Mortar and Epoxy Composite Spray Lining
  • Remote Grouting System (Non-Entry)
  • Sectional Fiberglass Point Repairs
  • UV-Cured Fiberglass Pipe Lining

Trenchless Rehabilitation Equipment

  • Bypass Pumps
  • Injection Grouting Pumps
  • UV-Cured Pipe Lining Systems
  • Point Repair Trailers
  • Remote Winches
  • Mortar and Epoxy Spray Lining System
  • Remote Grouting System

UV-Cured-In-Place Fiberglass Pipe Liners

Downstream Services is California’s certified installer for Reline America’s Alphaliner®, a UV-cured glass reinforced, spirally wound pipe liner that is custom-made per project design specifications. Alphaliner® is available in diameters ranging from 6 to 72 inches and up to 1,000 feet in length. We have successfully installed over 100,000 feet of liners with state-of-the-art installation equipment that monitors and records all critical aspects of the installation process.

Key Advantages of Alphaliner® vs Traditional CIPP

  • Consistent Field Confirmed Reliability
  • Tamper-Proof Quality Tracker System™
  • Proven 70+ Year Performance Life
  • Lower Life-Cycle Costs
  • Reduced Environmental and Community Impact
  • No Styrene Contamination or Liquid Waste
  • Superior Structural Strength (2,850,000-psi Flexural Modulus of Elasticity)
  • Shelf Life of 6+ Months

Downstream Services was invited to take part in a Water Quality of Flow Through Cured‐In‐Place Pipe (CIPP) study for California Department of Transportation that tested residual styrene concentrations downstream. The final report concluded our liner was “the most protective CIPP curing method was UV, where the concentrations of volatile organic compounds in all samples analyzed were below all known environmental thresholds”.

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