Downstream Services strive to ensure the sustainability of our waterways for future generations by addressing pollution prevention, establishing Preventative Maintenance Programs(PMP), Treatment Control Programs(TCP) and providing ongoing education to our clients and staff.

Scheduled Inspection and maintenance of conveyance system is not only required, but is necessary to remove contaminants from stormwater runoff and effectively sustain our water resources.

Compliance and Maintenance Solutions

In accordance with the Clean Water Act (CWA) and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit Program (NPDES), we have established a dedicated division to assist clients with compliance of federal, state and local regulations.

Downstream Services works closely with various stormwater product manufacturers to offer dependable and cost-effective solutions. Our technicians are experienced at installing and maintaining:

  • Detention and Retention Basins
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  • Catch Basin Inlet Filters
  • Trash and Debris Screens
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Hydrodynamic Separator Units
  • Isolator Rows
  • Pervious Surfaces

Compliance and PMP Development

The cleaning of stormwater conveyance systems may generate regulated waste that contains pollutants such as paint, oil and fuel. The law requires that all collected discharge from cleaning operations be sampled, tested and profiled to characterize the waste for proper disposal. Downstream Services is licensed to manage and transport regulated waste and follows chain of custody procedures to ensure compliance.

Integrating Best Management Practices (BMPs), our Certified Professionals in Stormwater Quality will customize a program to include the following:

  • Assessment of the Storm Water Conveyance System
  • TCBMP Recommendations and Guidelines
  • Inspection, Post-Construction Installation and Cleaning Services
  • Lab Analysis, Disposal and Manifesting
  • Compliance and Annual Maintenance Verification Forms


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