Downstream Services provides assessment, maintenance, installation, and repair services for stormwater and wastewater pump systems. Our team of experts plan and implement customized assessment and Preventative Maintenance (PM) programs to ensure long-lasting station operation. Technicians access electrical and control components to confirm instrument calibration, pump motor readings, and general station conditions. We can customize and upgrade your control panels to include HMI, PLC and SCADA remote monitoring options that conform with industry standards and manufacturer recommendations.

  • Design-Build Controls
  • Emergency Pump Services
  • PM Program Planning and Implementation
  • Pump Installation, Repairs and Replacement
  • Troubleshooting Station Control Issues

Sewer and Pipe Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation

Pre-rehab studies can pinpoint problem areas of

  • inflow and infiltration (I/I)
  • sewer blockages
  • flow capacity
  • deterioration of aging pipe infrastructure

Comparison studies pre- and post-rehab can evaluate results of structural pipe rehabilitation.

Temporary Flow Logging for Municipalities, Businesses and Property Development

Valuable data can be provided for municipalities with growing communities, and those with seasonal industry or tourism. A capacity study is often required prior to new property development, and we can provide the flow data needed for such a study.

Storm Drain and Sewer Overflow Studies Metering Water Quality

In order to quantify overflow of storm drains or combined sewer overflow (CSO) systems, sewer flow meters can be programmed to activate water quality samplers for flow-weighted, discrete or composite samples.

Engineer Master Plans – Permanent Metering of Diurnal Flow Patterns

By continuously metering diurnal flow patterns and quantities for specific periods of time, future needs can be projected. Such needs may include upgrades of:

  • pipe collection systems
  • pumping stations
  • sewer treatment facilities.

Flow Monitoring

Downstream Services has the latest equipment and software to capture, analyze and report flow patterns in stormwater and wastewater systems. Clients rely on accurate data for capacity planning, inflow and infiltration reporting (I/I), and capital improvement budgeting. Our environmental monitoring capabilities include:

  • Long Term Flow Monitoring
  • Construction of Metering Manholes
  • Temporary Flow Monitoring
  • Data Collection and SCADA Integration
  • Permanent Metering Stations and Calibration Programs
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Flow Meter Maintenance
  • Wireless Data and Notifications

Prior to installation, technicians will assess site conditions to design the optimal flow monitoring study:

  • Accessibility and Traffic
  • CCTV Inspections
  • Flow Hydraulics
  • Sediment Levels
  • Structural Integrity
  • System Design


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