Pipeline Maintenance

Pipeline Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Downstream Services, Inc. continually strives to provide alternative solutions for all phases of pipeline maintenance and rehabilitation. From mechanical bucket machines to high-pressure combination trucks, Downstream Services, Inc. offers a wide variety of methods for pipe cleaning and waste disposal. We will select the preferred method of pipe cleaning based on previous history and structural composition, project footprint and site conditions and quantity of debris and flow levels.

Hydro-Jetting or High Pressure Sewer Jetting with Water & Vacuum Technology
High pressure jetting, or hydro-jetting is a practice that relies on high pressure streams of water to convey and remove debris without impacting the environment. Downstream Services, Inc. has numerous hydro-jetting trucks in its fleet of company owned equipment. With units capable of producing water pressures of 2500psi at 150gpm, Downstream Services, Inc. combines both vacuum and water systems' technology for effective cleaning, scouring of tuberculation and rust removal. Equipped with both hydraulic and manual hoses, technicians have the flexibility of hydro-jetting up to 2,000 feet from one location. Our trucks include unique dewatering and compaction capabilities, increasing productivity, allowing dryer payloads, and lowering disposal costs. With a wide range of nozzles, proprietary attachments, and the ability to fabricate specialized tools, Downstream Services, Inc. has the versatility to clean pipes, siphons, hydrodynamic separators, wet-wells, and catch basins with greater efficiency. Downstream Services offers quality San Diego drain cleaning , Los Angeles drain cleaning and services to other California cities.

Mechanical Bucket Cleaning with Cable Machines
Solid debris frequently enters into Stormwater conveyance and collection systems by way of damaged or deteriorated manhole covers, joints, pipes, and service connections. Downstream Services, Inc. is able to remove silt, sand, gravel and rocks, and other solid waste by using special mechanical bucket cleaning machines. Bucket cleaning removes accumulated debris that cannot be effectively cleaned through traditional hydraulic methods. Typically, the configuration of the bucket cleaning machine is designed based on project specifications. Tools used in tandem can be fabricated, including sewer cleaning buckets, sizing rings, rock rakes, and other specialty sewer cleaning apparatuses.

Downstream Services, Inc.'s super duty sewer cable machines can muscle 10,000-pounds of pull a distance of 400-feet. This method uses a system of cables and rollers to insert specialized cleaning tools to grab and retrieve the accumulated debris. Once filled, cable direction is reversed in order to pull objects and debris back towards the insertion point. Mechanical cleaning with cable machines is particularly useful for pipelines containing large debris that cannot be removed by conventional hydro-jetting.

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