Pipeline Condition Assessment

Pipeline Condition Assessment by Digital Television Inspection (CCTV)

Depending on the client's specifications and project requirements, Downstream Services, Inc. has the capability and technology to adapt to both internal and external factors which may influence an assessment. The physical characteristics of a pipe, as well as the project's environment and community impact, dictate the type and configuration of the camera. With a range of pipeline inspection services and inspection equipment, Downstream Services, Inc. has the resources and qualifications to accurately inspect and assess sewer and Stormwater collection systems.

CCTV Inspection for Pipeline Condition Assessment

Downstream Services, Inc.'s pipe inspection systems are capable of articulating in adverse pipe conditions ranging from 3 inches to 200 inches in diameter. Downstream Services, Inc.'s standard method of inspection utilizes robotically controlled and tethered camera systems capable of remote inspections of up to 6,000 ft in a single run. Our cameras are designed to be mounted on a variety of transporters for varying applications including submerged inspection sonar mapping and conventional CCTV inspections.

Downstream Services, Inc.'s NASSCO PACP, LACP and MACP certified technicians remotely operate the CCTV cameras in specially designed, climate controlled studios located within each CCTV truck. Utilizing Infrastructure Technologies’ ITpipes Pipeline Inspection Software as its operating platform, Downstream Services Inc. has the technology to capture real-time audio documentation, digital imagery and video for the client's immediate review. These CCTV services have proven to be crucial in pipeline rehabilitation and emergency repair services.

In addition, Downstream Services, Inc. also has push camera systems that are typically used for pipes 6 inches and smaller, including laterals and cleanouts. Push cameras provide an on-screen display of project information with a footage counter and are capable of 325 ft runs providing clear color images of defects. Downstream Services offers quality CCTV pipe inspection to San Diego, El Segundo, and a variety of other California cities.

Profiling for Long Range Pipeline Inspections

Incorporating new technologies to meet the changing demands of the industry, Downstream Services, Inc. has teamed up with Inuktun Services, Ltd. to provide a comprehensive program for long range pipeline inspections. Downstream Services, Inc. has incorporated "state-of-the-art" long range CCTV and sonar in its pipeline inspection services with the added capability of inspecting over 6,000 linear feet in a single run.

Using digital multi-frequency sonar profiling, Downstream Services, Inc. can provide critical information on charged pipelines and appurtenances. This tested and proven technology generates a cross sectional scan of a pipe's interior, capturing the total volume of sediment and debris in varying flow conditions. Especially important in large diameter pipelines, sonar profiling can identify structural inconsistencies and existing volume capacities. Operating independently or in conjunction with CCTV, sonar profiling has added another dimension to pipeline condition assessment and pipeline maintenance

Prior to merging the raw data into a final deliverable, Downstream Services, Inc. has developed QA/QC procedures to ensure the consistency and quality of the video, audio, and overlays for each long range sewer and pipeline inspection. CCTV and Sonar Deliverables are a compilation of organized data provided in a traditional hard copy format or electronic format on a USB hard drive. Downstream Services, Inc.'s Systems Management Department is able to collect, analyze and share PACP and MACP certified reports. Post processing allows us to provide format specific databases to meet client needs.

Manhole Inspections for Condition Assessment

Downstream Services, Inc. conducts “non-entry” manhole inspections using specially designed equipment to perform the assessment. Prior to opening a manhole cover, atmospheric conditions are checked and documented using a portable gas meter. Once the atmosphere is proven safe, the extendable camera is inserted into the manhole documenting the physical appearance of the structure. With every inspection, Downstream Services, Inc. will measure and verify the manhole rim to invert distance. Based on NASSCO's MACP standards, Downstream Services, Inc.'s technicians will note the presence of corrosion, root intrusions, debris and other structural defects. Scrape tests can also be performed to determine the structural integrity of the manhole.

The final full color report incorporates the condition of the cover, grade ring or frame, the cone, barrel, rungs, bench, and channel. Observations and comments are noted and accompanied with captured digital photographs and video. As part of the assessment, Downstream Services, Inc. can also recommend repairs associated with found observations.

Pipeline and Manhole Inspection Equipment

Downstream Services, Inc. continuously invests in the most advanced pipeline and manhole inspection equipment in order to ensure quality project completion no matter the size or scope.

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