Pump Station Maintenance and Instrumentation

Pump Station Maintenance and Instrumentation

Downstream Services, Inc. plans and implements scheduled preventative maintenance programs for San Diego sewage and storm drain pump stations. Our technicians design and build custom pump station controls with industry standards using such brands as Allen-Bradley, Gorman Rupp, Rhombus and Schneider Electric.

Plan & Implement Preventative Maintenance Programs

Preventative Maintenance (PM) is key to enduring reliable pump station operation. Downstream Services, Inc. Instrumentation Technicians will access electrical and control components in pump stations and ensure that the manufacturer suggested PM's are performed. Accurate records of instrument calibrations, pump motor readings and general station conditions will help identify and monitor any potential problems.

Design & Build Custom Pump Station Controls

Downstream Services, Inc. technicians can help design and upgrade your control panels to include HMI, PLC and SCADA remote monitoring if desired. Our technician will program all components to communicate and interact with each other as needed for proper station operation.

Troubleshoot Station Control Problems

Improper maintenance of instruments, PLC Logic, Pump Controllers, and Electronics Sensors can cause pump motor faults, VFD faults, and SCADA issues.Our technician can help reduce or eliminate false alarms and system ghosts.

Pump Station Assessment and Flow Monitoring

Our technician will perform regular assessments to ensure optimal pump station control and suggest new technology integration to improve pump station control and reliability.

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