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If you are seeking pipleline, underground, manhole, pump station, and other sewer maintenance services in Imperial County California, contact DownStream Services, Inc. at the address listed below:

Postal Address: DownStream Services, Inc. 2855 Progress Place, Escondido, CA 92029
Phone: 1-800-262-0999 | (760) 746-2544
Fax: 760-746-2667

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Environmental sewer maintenance is as simple as three words: Downstream Services, Inc. For more than 35 years, our Escondido-based company has been providing cutting-edge solutions to Imperial County and beyond, and we're known for maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and excellence. From trenchless pipelining and sewer point repair to flow monitoring and CCTV inspections, we're pleased to offer our dynamic services and innovative point of view to the entire community.

Downstream Services, Inc. is also the region's exclusive installer of Reline America's Blue-Tek UV Cured Glass Fiber Reinforced Pipe Liners. Based on the widely adopted cured-in-place technology, this solution is among the most effective and practical for rehabilitating wastewater and storm drains. It all comes down to the advanced structure and composition of the Blue-Tek sleeves. Thanks to these elements, both private and public industries in Imperial County can modernize existing infrastructures without the need for excavation or additional chemicals. It's safe, efficient and environmentally responsible.

What's more, we install Blue-Tek's trenchless system using sustainable techniques that achieve three crucial goals: cutting down on construction noise, keeping energy use to a minimum and avoiding the unnecessary creation of liquid waste. If you're interested in the industry's latest advancements and green processes, this is one technology you won't want to live without.

Need more information on how Downstream Services, Inc. can help Imperial County customers? Give us a call at (760) 746-2544 or 1-800-262-0999 to discuss our services and ask any questions.

Our Imperial County Sewer Maintenance Services Include:

Pipeline Cleaning and Hydro-Jetting, CCTV Inspection and Pipe Assessment, Long-Range Sewer and Pipeline Inspection System Using Digital Sonar, Profiling with CCTV, Manhole Inspections, Sewer Flow Monitoring, Stormwater Pollution Prevention and Environmental Compliance, Management, Trenchless Pipe Technologies (UV-Cured Glass Fiber Reinforced Pipe Lining), Sewer Point Repair, Underground Wet and Dry Utilities, 24/7 Emergency Response.

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