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If you are seeking pipleline, underground, manhole, pump station, and other sewer maintenance services in San Bernardino County California, contact DownStream Services, Inc. at the address listed below:

Postal Address: DownStream Services, Inc. 2855 Progress Place, Escondido, CA 92029
Phone: 1-800-262-0999 | (760) 746-2544
Fax: 760-746-2667

We Service San Bernardino County

Downstream Services, Inc. has been revolutionizing pipeline assessment and rehabilitation from the underground up for over thirty years. Located in San Diego, Downstream offers a variety of sewer and storm drain assessment and maintenance methods for all of San Bernardino County. Not only do we specialize in pipeline cleaning and assessment, but other services including sewer flow monitoring and Stormwater pollution prevention and environmental compliance.

Pipeline hydro-jetting is a practice that relies on high pressure streams of water to convey and remove debris without impacting the environment. Our Camel® Truck fleet combines both vacuum and water systems’ technology for effective and efficient Stormwater jetting and sewer cleaning. Mechanical bucket sewer cleaning is also an option for removing larger accumulated debris which cannot be cleaned using traditional hydraulic methods.

We can provide solutions for any of San Bernardino County’s sewer or storm drain issues.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments, suggestions and questions on any of our services at (760) 746-2544 or 1-800-262-0999.

Our San Bernardino County Sewer Maintenance Services Include:

Pipeline Cleaning and Hydro-Jetting, CCTV Inspection and Pipe Assessment, Long-Range Sewer and Pipeline Inspection System Using Digital Sonar, Profiling with CCTV, Manhole Inspections, Sewer Flow Monitoring, Stormwater Pollution Prevention and Environmental Compliance, Management, Trenchless Pipe Technologies (UV-Cured Glass Fiber Reinforced Pipe Lining), Sewer Point Repair, Underground Wet and Dry Utilities, 24/7 Emergency Response.

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