Naval Base Ventura County

Operate and Maintain Wastewater Collection Systems at Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC)

Downstream Services, Inc. operates and maintains the wastewater, chemical, pre-treatment plant, storm drain and flood control systems at Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC). NBVC is a premier location composed of three operating facilities ‐ Point Mugu, Port Hueneme and San Nicolas Island. This contract consists of the routine maintenance of the sewer conveyance system and lift stations, as well as, the storm drain infrastructure on NBVC. Downstream Services, Inc. is also the acting contract Chief Plant Operator at San Nicolas Island (SNI). This involves completing monthly progress and status reports for the SNI Wastewater Treatment Plant and consults with the Navy Environmental Department regarding agency reporting and interactions.

To date DSI has successfully completed:

  • Track and complete routine maintenance for sewer conveyance system.
  • Perform and track routine sewer lift station maintenance.
  • Complete weekly, monthly, and yearly required maintenance for Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Plans (SSMP).
  • Prepare SSMP
  • Operate sewer lift stations, force mains, and treatment plants. Based on the services that were provided during the Base Year, Acepex has renewed our contract for the 2013 year (option year 1)

Project Scope of Work:

Project management, project planning, base‐wide operations; including, repairs, 24‐hour emergency response, base utility mark‐out, preventative maintenance and compliance reporting per State and Federal Permits.

Services Performed

  • Prepare and complete Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Plans (SSMP)
  • Operator sewer lift stations, force mains, and treatment plants
  • Reprogramming of PLC’s, replacement of defective components, and upgrading pressure transducers and float systems
  • Preparation of reports following inspections of all facilities

  • Project management and project planning
  • 24/7 emergency response
  • CCTV inspections
  • Cleaning and disposal
  • Repairs and underground construction
  • Supervision and oversight of operations at San Nicolas
    Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

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