City of San Diego

CCTV of Sewer Mains and Manholes

Performing under the City of San Diego’s direction, Downstream Services, Inc. provides Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) inspections and condition assessment for pipelines, manholes and other various structures throughout San Diego. Downstream Services, Inc. is responsible for furnishing all equipment, labor and any traffic control plans or permits required to fulfill the contract. This includes project management, technical support, work plans, detailed final deliverables and sewer inspections in San Diego.

  • Mapping of each individual Task Area
  • DSI performed all data processing and analysis, assigning code to defects and structural deficiencies allowing easy prioritizing by the City of San Diego

Project Scope of Work:

Project Management, project planning; including repairs, 24-hour emergency response, preventative maintenance and compliance reporting per City requirements.

Services Performed

  • San Diego CCTV inspection and condition assessment of pipes and manholes
  • Traffic control
  • Data prioritization and report submittals

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