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Downstream Services, Inc. of Escondido, California is a unique Small Business Enterprise offering environmental sewer maintenance services ranging from trenchless pipe lining technologies to long range CCTV sewer and storm water pipe assessment inspections.

Our Core Services

Pipeline Condition Assessment

Assessing your pipeline is the first step in preventative maintenance or rehabilitation. Downstream Services, Inc. of San Diego, CA has the capability and technology to adapt to internal and external factors that may influence your pipeline, Manhole, or sewer inspection. Let us help you with our advanced underground technology.

Pipeline Maintenance

Downstream Services, Inc. provides solutions for all phases of pipeline rehabilitation and maintenance, from pipe cleaning to waste disposal. Downstream Services, Inc. offers a wide variety of methods and advanced technology to suit any project.

Pipeline Rehabilitation and UV Cured Lining

Downstream Services, Inc. offers Ultra-Violet (UV) Cured, Glass Fiber-Reinforced (GFR) sewer pipe lining as an alternative solution to the traditional method of "dig and replace" pipe and sewer rehabilitation. UV-Cured GFR lining is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for both storm drain and sewer pipe lining. Installation of Blue-Tek UV Cured Liners includes the following:

  • Visual Inspection & Evaluation of Host Pipe
  • Hydro-Jetting & Cleaning of Host Pipe
  • Installation of Blue-Tek™ Pipe Liner
  • UV Curing with Proprietary UV Light Train
  • Continuous Monitoring and Digital Recording During UV Curing Process

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Underground Services

Downstream Services, Inc. performs complex sewer and storm water construction projects, underground repair and slip lining. We are equipped with the latest technology, equipment and licensing to complete your project from the underground up.

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Storm Water Compliance

Federal, State and local regulations require the maintenance and service of storm water conveyance systems on a recurring basis. Downstream Services, Inc. provides storm water pollution prevention, compliance and maintenance services in order to maintain functional and eco-friendly storm water systems in Southern California.

  • Assessment of the Storm Water Conveyance System
  • BMP Recommendations and Guidelines
  • Pipe Inspection, Installation and Sewer Cleaning Services
  • Storm Water Lab Analysis, Pollution Disposal and Manifesting
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Compliance Certification Report

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Downstream Services, Inc. works with sewer and storm drain pump stations to plan for and schedule preventative maintenance programs and preventative maintenance visits. Our instrumentation services include the customization and design build of pump station controls.

  • Plan and Implement Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Design and Build Custom Pump Station Controls
  • Troubleshoot Station Control Problems
  • Pump Station Assessment and Repairs

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24/7 Emergency Services

In the event that an emergency occurs after normal business hours, Downstream Services, Inc. provides emergency services for sanitary sewer and storm drain systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With the ability to mobilize equipment and vehicles within two hours of notification, Downstream Services, Inc. specializes in the following services:

  • Hyrdo-Vac Cleaning & Containment
  • Confined Space & SCBA Entries
  • Real-time CCTV Inspections in Sewers & Storm Drains
  • Emergency Bypass Pumping
  • Assessment, Replacement, & Repair of Wet Utilities

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Collection System Maintenance

Downstream Services, Inc. has the operational and technical expertise to develop a maintenance program, manage information, and proactively schedule preventative services to uphold sanitary sewer systems. Maintenance programs include:

  • Inventory Mapping via GPS Locating
  • CCTV Inspection
  • Pipe Cleaning & Debris Documentation
  • Infiltration & Inflow Study

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Traffic Control

Once the project's location is established, our in-house Traffic Control Specialist evaluates and designs a safe and effective plan to maintain proper traffic flow through the work zone in accordance with the latest Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and local agencies standards. Temporary traffic control services include:

  • Site Evaluation
  • Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Plan
  • Permit Acquisition & Support
  • Flagger Certified Personnel

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Our Recent Projects

Since we opened our doors over 35 years ago, Downstream Services, Inc. of San Diego California has taken on pipeline assessment and sewer maintenance projects of all sizes throughout the state of California:

City of San Diego
CCTV of Sewer Mains & Manholes

City of El Segundo
Pump Station Maintenance & On-Call Repair

San Diego Naval Bases
Water & Wastewater Instrumentation System

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