Collection System Maintenance

Collection System Maintenance and Repair

Downstream Services, Inc. (DSI) provides Operation and Maintenance Programs (O&M) to municipal and industrial agencies tailored to meet specific pipeline maintenance requirements. DSI has the technical and operational expertise to develop a program, manage information, and proactively schedule preventative maintenance for sanitary sewer systems.

Downstream Services, Inc. develops O&M Programs in support of and as an integral part of an overall Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP)

DSI employees hold Collection System Maintenance Grades 1 through 4 and maintain the highest levels of safety training in the industry with 12 scheduled refresher courses per year and a minimum of sixty hours of professional training per employee. These programs are designed to be cost efficient and can be developed around industry standard software (access database) or any of the proprietary software’s on the market.

O&M Programs combine Global Positioning System (GPS), Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), and Sewer Inspection databases into a comprehensive visual interface that can be easily managed and accessed. Various tasks can be interchangeable and seamlessly completed by DSI staff, agency staff, or a combination of both.

Field Tasks:

  • Inventory mapping of assets via GPS locating
  • CCTV inspection to determine pipe condition and assign priority ratings to defects
  • Pipe cleaning and documentation of the type and amount of debris in each segment
  • Manhole inspections
  • Infiltration and inflow study
  • Flow monitoring

Office Tasks:

  • GPS differential corrections
  • GPS data conversion for GIS use
  • GIS map creation
  • Input data from CCTV and cleaning operations and database creation
  • Merge database into O&M Program
  • Database customization
  • Interview your operators and managers to collect information they have on "problem lines"
  • Review previous CCTV Inspection information

Developing a cost efficient O&M Program will allow you to focus efforts where they are needed most. By applying historical data, Downstream Services, Inc. can create a baseline that will provide the following:

  • Establish cleaning schedules based on objective standards from field inspections
  • Manage system assets proactively instead of reactively
  • Reduce cleaning efforts in segments that are hydraulically self-cleaning
  • Optimize crews productivity
  • Schedule crews weeks in advance based on maintenance priorities
  • Print maps with asset information to help field crews identify and locate assets

The information field crews collect is based on NASSCO Standardized Defect Codes that are assigned to each identified problem within the sewer system.

DSI CCTV operators are NASSCO trained and certified in PACP, LACP and MACP codes. This certification insures that the sewer system has been inspected by qualified operators in a consistent manner. Some agencies have developed their own rating systems, such as the City of San Diego, which requires a tailored database and data conversion to their system. Downstream has trained data analysts that can accommodate to any specialized rating system.

A Downstream Services Operation and Maintenance Program can be easily implemented into your Wastewater Collection System Master Plan. This information is a valuable tool for district engineers to perform modeling, expansion, and capital improvement projects.

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